(Left to right) Tala Khalil, Tasnim Tinawi, Mohammad Mhaisen, Daniel Rey, Ashay Bhave, Saad Boujane, Aliyah Alawadhi, Arthur de Oliveira and Dina Al Khatib.

Stay tuned for the 2nd Youth Takeover, spanning two weeks starting October 30, 2020, the Assembly will take over the Jameel with curated interventions and public programming addressing their chosen theme of of ‘Reassigning Value’.

The nine Assembly members have curated and commissioned another 14 UAE-based young artists and creatives and together they will present artworks, interventions and events at the Jameel, ranging from illustration, painting, sculpture and photography to sound-design, film and performance, plus a digital programme taking place on Verticals, their bespoke blog.

Watch this space for more information on the full programme.

Spanning January to November 2020, the second Assembly at Jameel Arts Centre will continue the realisation of dedicated initiatives related to the interests of its nine members, who were selected through a highly competitive process, following nominations from Art Jameel’s extensive network of industry leaders.

The 2020 Assembly at Jameel Arts Centre is comprised of UAE Nationals and long-term residents (of 8 different nationalities) spans a breadth of experience and interests and hails from across the UAE.

The 2020 Assembly members are: Aliyah Alawadhi, Arthur de Olivera, Ashay Bhave, Daniel Rey, Dina Al Khatib, Mohammad Mhaisen, Saad Boujane, Tala Yahya Khalil and Tasnim Tinawi.

Members biographies:
Aliyah Alawadhi
Aliyah Alawadhi is an artist, writer and student of animation and curatorial practices at Zayed University. Raised in Abu Dhabi, she attempts to capture the subtleties of growing up in an ever-developing cultural and industrial landscape; communicated in her work through the themes of nostalgia, gender, mysticism and globalisation. Her work has been presented in a number of exhibitions, including the Sikka Art Fair and Start’19.

Arthur de Oliveira
Arthur de Oliveira is a filmmaker, poet, and theater practitioner from Limeira, São Paulo, Brazil. Arthur’s travels and varied cultural exposure has sparked his interest in creating hybrid art pieces relating to globalisation, longingness, and immigration. Arthur is currently a freelancer in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Ashay Bhave
Ashay Bhave is a visual artist of Indian origin, industrial designer and social entrepreneur based in Dubai, UAE. His work was most recently showcased in exhibitions such as the Conscious Consumption and Ajala Nights at Alserkal Avenue. The works he creates explores themes of technology, internet and youth culture.

Daniel Rey
Daniel Rey is a Paraguayan-Colombian artist and cultural programmer graduating from NYU Abu Dhabi in 2020. His fields include social research, community-based theater, digital communication, and sustainable fashion. Trained in the performing and visual arts in Norway and the UAE, Daniel is currently exploring interdisciplinary conceptualisations of ‘youth’.

Dina Al Khatib
Dina Al Khatib is a Multimedia Designer. She received her bachelor of Multimedia Design from the American University of Sharjah. Through a research-intensive process, she explores various ways through which different forms of media can be integrated. She continuously strives to grow and hopes to pursue a Masters degree in the near future.

Mohammad Mhaisen
Mohammad Mhaisen is a Palestinian multidisciplinary artist whose work incorporates the use of photography, video, illustration, and most recently, fashion. His practice is characterised by running themes of nostalgia, memories and self-expression. Mhaisen focusses on deep contextual narratives as a tool for storytelling, bringing forth these running themes to strike a chord with his audience.

Saad Boujane
Saad is an architect and a graduate of the American University of Sharjah, where he was the recipient of the 2018 Sheikh Khalifa Scholarship Award, the 2017 Maroun A. Semaan Scholarship Award, and took on several teaching and research assistant positions. Prior to joining T.ZED Architects, Saad’s final year thesis was a 2019 RIBA Silver Medal finalist, 2019 Architizer Drawing Competition finalist, and awarded at the annual RSP Drawing Award. His work was published and exhibited at the 1971 Design Space, Sharjah Architecture Triennial, Architizer, The Archaeologist and he has also contributed to the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale.

Tala Khalil
Palestinian by origin, Jordanian by nationality, Emirati by upbringing, Tala Yahya

Khalil has always struggled with a sense of displacement. Through her academic journey as

a visual communication student at the American University of Sharjah, Khalil delved into aspects of identity, culture, gender, expressing them through photography, experimental film, books, posters and installations. She currently works as a Junior Graphic Designer at Two Thirds in Dubai, UAE.

Tasnim Tinawi
Tasnim is an architect whose work spans across fields of architecture, arts and research, relating to the landscape and foraged materials from the environment. She co-founded UTR studio as a collaboration with Uthra Varghese in 2018. After developing a distinctive style, they participated in many competitions and commissions on various scales, seeking innovative methods, forms and material experiments.