Exhibitions Manager

Job Description

Jameel Arts Centre is Dubai’s contemporary art museum, with three floors of exhibitions space, a library, a sculpture park and ample public programming spaces. The programme includes a diverse roster of exhibitions, including commissions, thematic group and solo exhibitions, collection displays, as well as international touring shows. The centre’s programme is focused on global visual arts while prioritising a regional perspective.  

The Exhibitions Manager will be based in Dubai and work closely with Art Jameel’s Exhibitions team on planning and implementing Jameel Art Centre’s exhibitions and programmes. The Exhibitions Manager will be responsible for project managing exhibitions, large-scale public programmes, commissions and publications; managing and overseeing the exhibition spaces as well as art programmes and commissions taking places throughout the complex. This includes liaising with galleries, institutions, curators and artists, as well as managing exhibitions from conception through to completion.They will also lead on establishing exhibition partners globally and in the region, for touring shows, co-productions and co-commissions. 

Responsibilities and duties

  • Manage the planning and delivery of Jameel Art Centre’s exhibitions, commissions and large-scale exhibitions-related public programmes
  • Develop, track, maintain and report on budgets
  • Oversee and manage Jameel Art Centre’s exhibitions calendar and install schedule in collaboration with Art Jameel’s global exhibitions team; anticipating, mitigating and communicating clashes and changes across departments
  • Manage the movement, storage and care of artworks with Art Jameel exhibition team members 
  • Support in identifying relevant touring partners for exhibitions locally and internationally
  • Lead on managing exhibition partners and working with guest curators on exhibitions
  • Where required, edit and proof texts related to exhibitions, publications  and related programmes
  • Where required, edit and proof collateral for exhibitions and programmes, including copy for websites, press releases and other communication channels
  • Maintain gallery spaces in close coordination with the operations team by advising on security deployment, cleaning protocols and periodic maintenance requirements  
  • (Co-)manage junior exhibitions colleagues including Assistant Curators, Projects Coordinators and interns; ensure clear communication of tasks and schedules with core team and other colleagues in the Exhibitions department in Jeddah and in Dubai
  • Lead tours of exhibitions at Jameel Arts Centre for visitor groups; contribute to coaching interns and part-time tour guides on delivering guided tours to visitors 
  • Liaise with artists, curators, speakers and practitioners as needed, including supporting the office administrator in the booking of travel and accommodation for exhibitions
  • Contribute to the development of audience engagement and interpretation tools as needed (for example scripted audio guides)
  • Together with the Jameel Arts Centre team, develop and deliver key events such as exhibition openings and select events for the local and international arts community.
  • Update exhibition-related content on the Jameel Arts Centre and Art Jameel websites
  • Embrace and participate fully in the local and regional arts scenes, taking a collaborative and community-driven approach
  • Keep an orderly and up-to-date filing system, including regularly updating budgets and planners
  • Lead the preparation of budget estimates for exhibitions and projects; update project budgets regularly throughout the year in discussion with the Senior Management Team
  • Draft and finalise agreements related to exhibitions and programmes.
  • Maintain an orderly filing system for administrative and legal paperwork such as invoices, agreements and payment receipts related to exhibitions and other projects as needed
  • Support on the financial administration of programme-related spending, including the processing of invoices, receipts and contracts


  • Develop knowledge relating to regional (SWANA/MENASA) contemporary art and arts organisations
  • Liaise with artists, researchers and curators to secure necessary research material
  • Identify and source relevant research materials, including publications, audiovisual recordings and archives in collaboration with the Jameel Arts Centre library team
  • Create and maintain an orderly filing system for research and assist in the archiving of research material
  • Maintain and update artists’ files in liaison with the curatorial team
  • Attend and report on conferences, symposia and other events as needed

Public programmes

  • Support the Jameel Arts Centre events and public programme team in the delivery of large-scale events such as festivals and symposia
  • Support the public programmes and admin teams when needed in liaising with speakers and artists
  • Create and send out speakers’ letters and contracts as needed 
  • Liaise with filmmakers and distributors regarding screening rights where needed

Qualifications and past experience

  • Undergraduate degree
  • Excellent communications and project management skills, plus proven attention to detail
  • Demonstrable management experience, including – for example – the management of physical spaces such as creative or educational spaces, including universities, design or architectural studios, gallery spaces, and/or other such creative venues
  • Demonstrable experience producing and managing public programmes, such as events, talks, conferences, panel discussions and/or workshops
  • A broad knowledge of local and regional art practices and movements (plus knowledge of international contemporary art) – or the interest and capacity to learn
  • Written and spoken fluency in English is required
  • Written and spoken fluency in Arabic is preferred 
  • Other relevant languages (for example Urdu, Hindi, Malayalam, Tagalog, Farsi, French) are an added advantage
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills will enable the candidate to work effectively as part of a team and collaboratively across the museum. She/he will also be able to prioritise her/his work to meet deadlines, and maintain her/his attention to detail under pressure

Conditions of Work

  • This is a full-time position based in Dubai, UAE
  • All members of the Art Jameel team take shifts on the Welcome Desk (at least 1 day every 2-3 weeks)
  • Occasional weekend and evening work according to events and programmes is as required


  • Full health & dental insurance
  • Visa sponsorship
  • 25 days annual leave