Library & Research Manager

Job Description

The role includes managing Jameel Library’s collection building, management and programming, combining both technical management skills and curatorial concepts and work. The position plays a key role in shaping the future direction of Jameel Library, expanding on its learning programmes and objectives.

The research focus of the position demands a candidate who is deeply engaged in the arts scenes and histories of the UAE and GCC region and understands the complexities of compiling and editing information and material relevant to artists, researchers and the general public.

The ideal candidate for this role is flexible, dynamic and proactive; they should be able to liaise with a wide variety of stakeholders and partners, from government to international partners, writers, researchers, artists, creatives and others. Advanced diplomatic skills are a must, as is the ability to multi-task and remain calm and positive under pressure. The candidate is also comfortable assuming a public-facing role; assisting library users and visitors with research requests and navigating resources.


Reports to the Head of Research and Learning

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Devising and actioning strategy for Jameel Library’s collection building and programming
  • Managing Library Assistant
  • Developing and managing library operations and systems including third party consultants and suppliers
  • Outreaching to and collaborating with other local and international libraries for knowledge sharing
  • Collating, researching and ordering titles in English and Arabic; building bibliographies and areas of special interest; working with programming colleagues to co-curate lists of resources and titles to accompany exhibitions; develop in-library displays to accompany exhibitions and other programming initiatives
  • Working with visitors, audiences, artists and researchers on sharing knowledge from Jameel Library’s collection
  • Devising and managing Jameel Library projects and public programmes including special projects, commissions, library circles
  • Organising, hosting and moderating library talks, reading groups and associated events and activities
  • Writing, editing and summarising content from and about the collection
  • Working on activation strategies for Jameel Library as an active and dynamic space for research and ideas
  • Devising and managing budgets, processing invoices and reporting
  • Leading on capacity-building and establishing SOPs/procedures/organisational structure for the library
  • Providing Jameel Library knowledge and resources to Art Jameel teams; supporting in the development of ideas and programmes across the organisation, particularly in terms of advising on research paths and related reading

Candidate Specifications

  • Minimum of 3 year experience in similar or related role
  • Knowledge of contemporary arts in the UAE and region
  • Knowledge of systems administration and management
  • Understanding of cataloging systems

Conditions of Work

  • Full health & dental insurance
  • Visa sponsorship, if needed
  • 25 days annual leave
  • Includes some evenings & weekends