5×5 Tour: Danabelle Gutierrez

Five works. Five minutes each. One exhibition. This alternative “flash-tour” series invites artists, writers, researchers and unconventional “tour guides” to meander through the galleries  with a twist on the classic exhibition tour. With highlights drawn from the guest guide’s particular interest or area of expertise, visitors gain insight into current exhibitions as well as what inspires the guides in their day to day practice. Listen. Reflect. Discuss. You may experience the unexpected. 

This month’s 5×5 Tour invites poet, artist and actress Danabelle Gutierrez to guide visitors through the solo exhibition, ‘Pacita Abad: I Thought the Streets Were Paved with Gold.’ 

This session is fully booked. 5×5 Tours take place monthly.

About Danabelle Gutierrez

Danabelle Gutierrez is a classically nomadic artist- belonging everywhere and nowhere. She has called Egypt, Oman and Austria home. Her writing is as colorful and vivid as her personality—which oozes to audiences by way of her acting and photography as well. Danabelle’s apartment is leafy jungle—which is where much of her writing happens—although she finds inspiration everywhere around her—including Jameel Arts Centre. 



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