Adult workshop: Oil Painting with Yehia O.

Discover the secrets of oil painting and join this mindful workshop led by artist Yehia O. who has honed his craft for over a decade. This workshop is open to anyone who wants to explore the world of oil painting, regardless of experience level. 

Through Yehia’s structured curriculum, participants learn the inner workings of oil painting as a medium and gain valuable knowledge about pigments, brush techniques, value scales and more. 

This workshop is designed to help beginners who have never held a paintbrush, as well as intermediate and experienced artists overcome challenges with the medium, create a pace that suits the individual and learn techniques to take their practice to the next level. 

This workshop is free to attend. All materials and equipment are provided.

The workshop capacity is limited to 6-8 participants. Early registration is recommended.

About Yehia O. 

Yehia O. Aboelfotoh was born in 1987, Cairo, Egypt. Prior to graduation from dentistry, his artistic inclination was limited to pencil work. After graduating, he started delving into oil paint, owing to his father’s interest in oil painting. Aboelfotoh has picked up oil painting and never left it since.

His work is primarily landscape-based surrealism with constant experimentation in several media, including but not exclusive to spray paints and strontium aluminate pigments (glow in the dark pigments). Aboelfotoh has had several exhibitions nationally and on international grounds, including Tunisia and The United States.