• An evening with Sowt Jameel: Ramadan and Music

Sowt Jameel brings you the first live discussion of the Dom Tak podcast by Sowt in collaboration with Jameel Arts Centre, Dubai. In this gathering, Rana Daoud, the host of Dom Tak, and writer Hesham Esmail, take us on a  journey through the TV shows and songs that ring in the month of Ramadan and have been long associated with nightly get togethers while providing the soundtrack to our family iftars.

Ahead of the event, listen to Dom Tak special episodes on Ramadan on your favourite podcast application or on Sowt’s website:

  1. Sherihan’s riddles فوازير شريهان
  2. Jingles of Ramadan نغمات الموسم الرمضاني

The discussion will be in Arabic, and will take place on Zoom on Wednesday May 13 at 9:30pm (GST). Please RSVP; spaces are limited.

Dom Tak is a podcast that tells stories about music in the region. The first season told, celebrated and shared surprising stories from the lives of Arab female musicians. Their talents may have, at times, been a burden to them during their lifetimes, but produced a stock of unforgettable music. The second season of Dom Tak takes you on an audio journey through every color and kind of music of the Arab World, introducing artists who have shaped the musical culture of our generation; reviewing the roots and development of musical genres such as pop, rock, and rai; as well as telling the story of those genres’ arrivals to the Arab world and the artists who adapted the music to the region. Dom Tak’s full episodes can be found on podcast and music apps.

Sowt Jameel

In collaboration with Sowt, a leading Arabic language podcast producer, Art Jameel is organising a series of live podcast recording sessions, fireside chats and community events. The collaboration is an effort to create interdisciplinary, local and cross-regional connections, encourage innovation and explore creativity in our communities while promoting original Arabic-language content.