Artist tour with Daniele Genadry

Join us for an artist’s tour by artist Daniele Genadry who will take us through her installation Apparitions as part of the Artist’s Rooms exhibitions at Jameel Arts Centre. 

Central to Daniele Genadry’s practice is an engagement with the potential of an image to generate its own temporality. In Apparitions (2022), the artist brings together a range of previous works on light, time, landscape and perception, as well as newly commissioned paintings and drawings. The works are brought together within an installation designed by Genadry, that proposes what the artist calls an “apparitional form” – where pictorial space and real space are made indistinguishable. Here, the apparitional form takes shape both through the  installation and within the paintings themselves. The installation consists of two spaces: an outer space designed to feel like an interior and an inner space designed to feel like an exterior. The paintings in the inner space also use an apparitional structure, where the content and the context are fused together: light emanating from the paintings and the luminosity of the room merge, creating a sense of presence and stillness.  

One of the starting points for Apparitions was Fra Angelico’s Annunciation (1442) at San Marco in Florence Italy, where the fresco was composed following the concept of the apparitional form. Rather than solely narrative representation, it combined physical elements- such as the architecture of the space where it was painted, as well as blotches of paint and shiny flakes reflecting light into the painting- and by doing so, juxtaposed the painted space with the actual one. Daniele playfully derived a wallpaper from part of the fresco, and this luscious blue-green space prepares the ground for an apparition to occur.

Daniele Genadry (b.1980, lives and works between Paris, France and Beirut, Lebanon)

Genadry studied at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire and at the Slade School of Art, London. She has participated in residencies at Cite Internationale des Arts, Centre Intermondes, Anderson Ranch Art Center, Fondazione Ratti and Frans Masereel Centrum; She was the Abbey Scholar at the British School at Rome (2013-14), a fellow at the Bogliasco Foundation (2019) and at the Camargo Foundation (2021). Recent exhibitions include: Beirut Art Center (2018), Sharjah Biennial 13 (2017), Sursock Museum (2016), MUCEM (2019) , Biennial del Sur (2017), SMBA (2014), the Bronx Museum (2013) and Fondazione Pastificio Cerere(2014).