• Artist’s Garden by Shaikha Al Mazrou

Green house: Interior yet Exterior, Manmade yet Natural is the first Artist’s Garden commission at Jameel Arts Centre. Alongside the Centre’s seven gardens designed by Anouk Vogel is a plot reserved for artists to cultivate and experiment, via an annual commission.

Rather than plant the garden, Shaikha Al Mazrou draws on regular themes in her practice to construct a light-filled, segmented greenhouse over the plot. The large-scale structure plays on dichotomies of interior/exterior, manmade/natural, creation/destruction, containment/constriction, and transition/reflection. The absence of vegetation is reflected in the colour and form of the glass.

About Shaikha Al Mazrou

Shaikha Al Mazrou (b. 1988) lives and works in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Al Mazrou’s sculptural experimentations and investigations are expressions of materiality – articulations of tension, the interplay between form and content, as well as an intuitive, keenly felt understanding of materials and their physical properties. Al Mazrou gained her Master’s from Chelsea College of Fine Art, University of the Arts, London, and Bachelor’s from the University of Sharjah, where she is currently a sculpture lecturer. She has undertaken residencies in Dubai as part of Artists in Residence (A.i.R), a collaboration between Art Dubai, Delfina Foundation and Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. Al Mazrou is represented by Lawrie Shabibi.