Artist’s Rooms : Ayesha Sultana

Bringing together recent works on paper by artist Ayesha Sultana, the exhibition looks at the artist’s long standing engagement with the materiality and every day iconography of her home city of Dhakah; rendering forms of street corners, architectural features, wall textures and construction detritus encountered during her day-to-day life in Dhaka and other cities she travels to. These impressions accumulate in her subconscious and find themselves on paper. They are not just observations of form, but of material, movement, and distance; key aspects that have held Sultana’s interest over time.

Ayesha Sultana (b.1984) lives and works in Georgia, USA. 

Ayesha Sultana completed her Bachelors in Fine Art (2007) and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Art Education (2008) from Beaconhouse National University, Lahore.

Artist’s Rooms 

Drawn largely from the Art Jameel Collection, Artist’s Rooms is a series of solo exhibitions by influential, innovative artists, with a particular focus on practitioners from the Middle East, Asia and Africa. These capsule shows are collaborative and curated in dialogue with the artist. Autumn 2022 – Winter 2023 features rooms by Ayesha Sultana, Risham Syed and Daniele Genadry in galleries 1, 2, 3.