Children’s Workshop: Exploring Port Cities and Riverbanks With Artful Minds

Join us for our upcoming children’s workshop Exploring Port Cities and Riverbanks developed and delivered by Artful Minds. In this workshop, children are invited to dive into an imaginative and interactive experience where they transform a sea of blue into a vibrant world of islands and trade routes!

The workshop begins with an overview of the themes explored in At the Edge of Land exhibition and a discussion about port cities and riverbanks, their significance in trade and commerce, and their relationship with landscapes while emphasising the importance of positive peer relationships. Children engage in a landscape collage activity inspired by the exhibition, creating a collective artwork that reflects the interconnectedness of landscapes and trade. 

This engaging activity sparks creativity and collaboration and teaches children essential communication skills. Through the trading exercise, participants practice expressing thoughts and listening empathetically, and explore important topics such as peer pressure and decision-making.

This workshop is free to attend and is suitable for ages 8-12. No prior art experience is required. All materials and equipment are provided.

Artful Minds is the only educational platform, based in Dubai, that specialises in providing curated art workshops in collaboration with child psychiatrists. The founder, Sara Masinaei, is a multidisciplinary artist with over a decade of designing workshops for kids across UAE’s art institutions and eleven years of teaching arts at the American University in Dubai. Artful Minds advisor is Dr. Mehrdad Naghibi Rad, who has over fifteen years of expertise in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, guiding the development of young individuals. Their combined efforts created a unique approach that seamlessly intertwines the realms of art and child psychology to foster a holistic developmental experience. Artful Minds transcends conventional art education by instilling creativity, emotional expression, and cognitive growth at the heart of every workshop,  empowering children to embark on a journey of self-discovery, cultivating emotional intelligence, and equipping themselves with essential life skills.



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