Join us for a Conductive Music  performance by sound artist PHO marking the culmination of  Tarabot Talks 2.0 – ‘Regenerating with Nature: Hyperlocal and Restorative Design’. The sonic experience invites the audience to create an immersive original soundscape through a variety of materials. Conductive Music enables any body, human or more-than-human, to conduct energy and become a creator of mesmerizing music and soundscapes. Generating sound from human touch, contact with plants, water and metals, this interplay of energies ultimately leads the audience to become one common source of sound.

Conductive Music  is a sonic experience whose iterations are each unique and ephemeral. It has been presented at the Maloka Museum in Bogotá, Colombia as well as various cultural platforms in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. This edition of Conductive Music builds on the pillars of Tarabot: Weaving a Living Forum:  Soil, Water, Plants, and Energy to capture the sounds of contemporary life as experienced in the Jaddaf Waterfront and beyond. The performance, dynamically creating and regenerating sound, is preceded by a talks series starting at 5pm which precisely focusses on different aspects of regeneration with and within nature. Full programme available here.

Free to attend. Open to all. RSVP here.

Besides capitalising his name, PHO, has capitalised on endless musical encounters between his native Colombia, Japan and the Emirates. Keen on harmony-making, turntablism and scratching, he is an active selector, vinylist, and overall vibesetter. His DJ journey has led him to be an ambassador for Pioneer DJ, Ableton and Teenage Engineering, as well as begin expanding his practice towards sound-based commissions in contemporary art. PHO is currently developing his Conductive Music project working with metals, plants, water and human touch. A two-time Red Bull Thre3style world finalist and global top 40 turntablist, PHO has remixed sound by various international artists as well as collaborated with Maloka Interactive Museum (Colombia), Playlist Retreat (USA), In Place of War (UK), Sound and Fiction (Bahrain), ITHRA (Saudi Arabia), EXPO2020 and Art Jameel (UAE).  Fully unrelated to the soup, PHO’s melodic character goes by Leonardo Rojas during the day.



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