Creative Careers Days | Portfolio Building Workshop: Crafting Your Path to Art and Design University Programs

Hosted by American University of Sharjah’s Riem Ibrahim and Hala Al Ani (Assistant Professors and Co-founders, Mobius Studios)

This workshop focusses on developing a strong portfolio, a vital component of art and design university applications. Through practical exercises and personalised feedback, participants learn how to curate and present their artwork effectively.

Expert instructors share insights on selecting the right pieces, showcasing artistic growth and demonstrating technical skills. By the end of the workshop, students have a refined portfolio ready for university admissions.

This workshop is recommended for students, creatives and emerging artists and designers.

This workshop is free-to-attend. No prior art experience is required. All materials and equipment are provided.

Early registration is advised as spaces are limited.

This workshop is part of the Creative Careers Days programme devoted to to helping you explore your future in the arts. Click here for the full day programme.



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