Family Workshop: Chipak. // Chipak. by artist Rashid Almheiri

In preparation for the upcoming Down to Earth festival, artist Rashid Almheiri curates a therapeutic two-day workshop tailored for families. 

Families are welcome to drop in and spend the afternoon at the Jameel, enjoying music and participating in crafting elements of an art installation. The final presentation will be displayed to the public during Down to Earth on Saturday November 25, 2023.

Rashid’s current focus has been on collecting discarded tree branches, promoting sustainable practices through this process. Throughout the 2-day community workshop, participants gain valuable insights into eco-conscious art practices and learn to decorate these branches using various mediums.

Day 1 of the workshop, takes place on Saturday November 11, 2023 where visitors are invited to paint collected tree branches and unleash their playful spirits to create beyond flat surfaces. On day 2, Sunday November 12, 2023 families are invited to beautify and add personality to the previously abandoned twigs.

Both days are designed for families to express themselves, relax and create stronger bonds with their loved ones. 

This workshop is free to attend and is suitable for families of all ages. Early registration is advised as spaces are limited.

No prior art experience is required. All materials and equipment are provided.

About Rashid Almheiri

Rashid Almheiri  is an Emirati visual artist with a B.F.A degree in Graphic Design from the American University in Dubai. He is an alumnus of The Assembly at Jameel Arts Centre. He has invisible dialogues with objects, moments & emotions. He likes to morph memories, human behavior & biology into forms of expression. Most of his work is symbolic, inspired by curiosity & research. He is continuously gravitating towards creating poetic & meaningful experiences.

About Chipak. // Chipak.

“Once translated it means to stick in Hindi.
It resonates with the intention of the workshop. 
Unknowingly of its definition, the sound was  
sarcastically used among friends at some point, 
to address the inconsistent voices of walking in flip-flops.  
It later became an inside joke trying 
to mimic the sounds of pigeon steps.  
Those birds are toasting their feet 
all day & it seems like their
homes are easy to make.” – Rashid



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