Family Workshop: Playback Memories with artist Rashid Almheiri

In this mindfulness-based workshop led by artist Rashid Almheiri families are encouraged to revisit and celebrate cherished memories through the art of writing, drawing and engaging in heartfelt discussions.

In this serene workshop, participants are provided with prompts designed to recall joyful memories and record scenes from the past using various materials and mediums. The activities are thoughtfully designed and structured to create an atmosphere of relaxation, reflection and togetherness. 

This workshop is free-to-attend and suitable for families of all ages. Early registration is advised as spaces are limited.

No prior art experience is required. All materials and equipment are provided.

About Rashid Almheiri

Rashid Almheiri is an Emirati visual artist with a B.A degree in Graphic Design from the American University in Dubai. He has invisible dialogues with objects, moments & emotions. He likes to morph human behavior & biology into forms of expression. Most of his work is symbolic, inspired by curiosity & research. He is continuously gravitating towards creating poetic & meaningful experiences.