Film programme – At the Edge of Land

Film Programme
At the Edge of Land

Rouzbeh Akhbari
16 min
Farsi with English subtitles
Courtesy of the artist

This poetic film follows a couple on the Iranian island of Hormuz during the month of Muharram. They trace stories attributed to missing sailors and bring into focus Portuguese colonial myths related to the island’s legendary iron-rich, edible red soil.

Stephanie Comilang
Diaspora Ad Astra
5 min
Filipino with English subtitles
Courtesy of the artist

Stephanie Comilang focuses on Filipino seamen who struggle to maintain a connection with their families and loved ones during long voyages on shipping vessels. While making this video, stories of ships not allowed to dock in their home ports due to fears of the spread of Covid-19 were proliferating in the news.

Hiwa K
Pre-Image (Blind As The Mother Tongue)
English and Kurdish with Arabic subtitles
18 min
Art Jameel Collection 

Hiwa K chronicles the journey of K, a character that the artist has created but with whom he shares many similarities. The film follows K’s journey on foot from Turkey to Rome via Greece – a path traversed by many migrants in search of refuge in Europe.

Yto Barrada
Faux départ (False Start)
23 min
Arabic (Morocco) with English subtitles
Art Jameel Collection

Yto Barrada’s video looks at the fossil-making industry in Morocco, questioning obsessions with things extracted from the ground, notions of authenticity and the value of crafting the past.



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At the Edge of Land

May 23, 2024 - September 29, 2024

Galleries, Jameel Arts Centre