Public Talk – Library Circles: Rashed Almulla

Researcher Rashed Almulla engages in a dialogue with Library Manager Azim Al Ghussein, delving into the details of his curated collection and the extensive research underpinning the Library Circles display. Almulla discusses the importance of gathering, archiving and documenting histories, unveiling the origins of his collection and the unfolding of the research journey.

Rashed Almulla

Rashed Almulla is the Founder of MABNAI and an independent urban researcher specialising in urban history and planning. Based in Dubai, Almulla employs multiple mediums focusing on the built environment through exhibitions, symposiums and research contributions. He directed the Future of Gulf Housing Symposium (’23) and curated Spaces that Remain exhibition (2022-2023) at Bayt AlMamzar. Almulla holds an MSc in Regional and Urban Planning from the London School of Economics.


The discussion is part of Ramadan Nights.