Reading Group: On Palestine

Jameel Library’s autumn programming resumes with the reading group ‘On Palestine’ based on a bibliography featured on the Jameel Library’s eCatalogue. The four sessions cover four readings, two in Arabic (led by artist Rania Jishi) and two in English (led by local book club Ana Min Hunak). The reading groups aim to foster a discussion on the nuanced issues on understanding, representation, culture and activism in relation to Palestine through a selection of texts. 

Registration is required, as space is limited. Registered participants are expected to commit to the reading material and to attend both sessions held in the same language series in order to maintain an intimate and open discursive environment. 

To register please send an email to azim@artjameel.org.

The reading groups are free and open to all.

English-language reading group sessions:

Session 1: November 13, 2021 from 11am to 1pm

Session 2: November 27, 2021 from 11am to 1pm

Featured readings are extracted from The Book of Gaza: A City in Short Fiction (2014), a collection of short stories edited by Atef Abu Saif and Asma al Ghul

 Ana Min Hunak is a Dubai-based book club that aims to serve as a safe space for Palestinians and people interested in Palestine to explore their relationship with Palestine and Palestinian identity through the written word. A place not only for thought-provoking discussion but for brief escapism, a sense of community and a means for a deeper education of the rich history and culture of Palestine. 

For more information on the Arabic-language reading group sessions led by Rania Jishi, please click here.



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