• Reading the Gulf (Arabic)

The Jameel Library presents an Arabic reading group, under Reading the Gulf moderated by author Husam Helali and running from April through to August 2019.

The reading group thinks about experiences of living and working in the Gulf through a selection of texts looking at the history of the region from the 14th Century to present with varying genres including fiction, historical and anthropological texts written by authors from Europe, the Gulf and the Arab world.

Husam Helali

Hussam Hilali is a multidisciplinary writer from Sudan based in Dubai. He studied biotechnology in Egypt and has been working in the cultural field since 2003, with a focus on theatre and journalism. He has recently published his book The Last Days Of Khartoum.

To sign up to the reading group, please RSVP at library@jameelartscentre.org.

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