Spring Arts Camp

Spring Arts Camp returns for an extended two-week duration!

Young children, aged 6-12, are invited to join Jameel Arts Centre’s enriching two-week, full-day programme packed with fun, stimulating art-making activities. The days are structured to introduce students to various materials, mediums and subjects, from drawing to architecture, sculpting to performing to ultimately prepare students to set-up and showcase their own exhibitions at Jameel.

Themes and activities:

This camp focusses on the concept of space, through playful observational studies, collaborative exercises and enjoyable activities, students learn unique ways of perceiving and understanding the spaces they encounter. From natural environments to physical surroundings, all the lessons are designed to introduce students to the various ways artists perceive space and distance. 

Taking inspiration from architectural sites at Jameel, students gain a deep dive into the newly commissioned pavilion and playscape. Students participate in daily visits to the Jameel Library, Artist Gardens and exhibition tours, actively engaging with the team members responsible for each project. The much-loved “behind-the-scenes tour of the museum” also makes a return, offering children an exclusive peek into the collection room and storage area, where artworks are carefully stored and maintained.

The camp prepares students to set up their own exhibitions and performances that respond to the week’s themes. On the final day, parents and guardians are invited to a reception at the Jameel Arts Centre to preview the works created over the two weeks and watch their children’s performances. All students will go home at the end of the week having experienced an array of new art-making techniques.

Tours include: Tarabot: Weaving a Living Forum, Playscape: I Dreamt of a City Everyone Calls Home, Vikram Divecha: Short Circuits, Guest Relations, Some Seasons: Fereydoun Ave and the Laal Collection, 1959-2019 and Artist’s Garden : Samur by Zheng Bo.

Key details:

Spring Arts Camp at the Jameel is only for 12-15 participants. The Camp is led by Art Jameel’s learning manager Hadeel Al Heeti with artist Sondos Azzam.

Registration is now closed.

For any questions, please contact learning@artjameel.org