• UAE Designer Exhibition in collaboration with Dubai Design Week

The UAE Designer Exhibition, conceived by Dubai Design Week 2020, showcases works by locally-based emerging designers who together form a new generation of bold talent and ideas. The various design disciplines recognised include furniture, lighting, accessories, jewellery and research-based projects related to material exploration and urban spaces. This adapted iteration presented in collaboration with Jameel Arts Centre furthers an ongoing conversation with design in the context of a contemporary arts museum. The designers represented are Dana Amro, Tamara Barrage, Christopher Benton, Dania Darra and Saba Besiso, Bwader ElhassanNuhayr, FMD / Film My Designs, Yara Habib, Abdhul HazeebAdnan Ihsan, Leen Kahaleh, Rimsha Kidwai, Mohamed Rowaizak, Sense Studio, Eman Shafiq and Sanaz Yahyaabadi.

Dubai Design Week is held in strategic partnership with Dubai Design District (d3) alongside Dubai Culture and supported by A.R.M. Holding.