Workshop – Theren’t: a musically-guided experiment with Joetto

Take a seat and paint nothing to the sound of something. 

Exploring the theme of absence, use this workshop to try and paint the subject of your work by painting everything around it and allowing the remaining nothingness to define it. The improvised music being played by Joetto will be accompanying the painting experience.

The workshop is organised by the Assembly 2022-2023 member Farah Ali as part of the 2023 Youth Takeover.

Materials will be provided to all attendees. Limited capacity, free to attend.

Joetto makes music. Different styles of music. He’s based in Dubai. That’s all.

Among many undecided things, Farah Ali is a self-labeled unlabeled creative – for now. Her upbringing consisted mostly of jumping around different cities and countries, not staying in one place for too long. She now finds herself drawn back to her childhood – and the very concept of childhood – in her artistic endeavors. Farah’s interests lie in themes of childlike curiosity and wonder, and conscious attempts at pursuing whimsy in an unenchanted world. Her educational background in architecture serves as a reference point as she worked across mediums such as algorithmic design, 3D printing, animation, collaging and virtual reality, which has been exhibited in SIKKA Art Fair. Farah also holds a special interest in sustainability and has been a researcher and designer in the Masdar Future Sustainability Leaders and Solar Decathlon Middle East programs. In her spare time, she collects-hoards copies of The Little Prince, snow globes and silly tattoos of the sun. [:)]



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