Youth Climate Advocates Convening – Sharing A Moment of Solidarity Amidst COP28

This event has reached maximum capacity.

Against the backdrop of COP28, the international climate summit held in the UAE from November 30 to December 12, 2023, youth climate advocates of the host country invite the visiting young advocates and delegates to gather and share a moment of solidarity outside of the official COP28 event proceedings. 

Recognising the crucial role of the youth as fundamental agents of change leading global climate action, Youth Assembly 2023-2024 member Toga Tahir, in collaboration with a team of UAE youth climate advocates, is organising the Youth Climate Advocates Convening at Jameel Arts Centre on Thursday, December 7, the official rest day of the COP28 conference.

The gathering invites young individuals aged 16-30 who share an interest in climate advocacy, environmental awareness and sustainability and extends a welcome to young COP28 conference visitors to convene and converse. It hopes to provide a safe space to regroup and reground through storytelling and community-building activities, explore joy as resistance through art and music and provide networking opportunities to build stronger sense of solidarity and strengthen the youth climate movement in the UAE and beyond.

This event is free to attend. Limited capacity, pre-registration is required.

Refreshments will be available for the duration of the event. 

Kindly note that this event will be photographed. 

Toga Tahir is a Sudanese interdisciplinary researcher, born and raised in Dubai. Her main interests lie in unconventional creative research practices that explore the multifaceted dimensions of African identity across culture, environment and art. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Mass Communication – International Relations – from the American University in the Emirates (2022) and is a co-founder of The Afrabia Climate Project. 

This gathering is autonomously organised with youth leaders who individually collaborate with various climate change advocacy groups across the UAE, including Ayshka Najib, UNICEF Youth Advocate to the UAE; alongside youth working with The Dubai Climate Collective; Reclaim our Future (Local Conference of Youth UAE Organizers, 2022) and Fashion Revolution UAE.