• Adult Workshop: Embroidery

Introduction to Tatreez

This workshop, led by Joanna Barakat, covers the historical and cultural context of embroidery across Palestine, tracing how it changes in form and meaning after 1948. Participants will discover how different artists reinterpret tatreez today, after which they will be taught to cross-stitch, finally embroidering motifs themselves. This workshop is organised in conjunction with Jameel Prize 5 and is inspired by the work of naqsh collective.

Key workshop takeaways are a new understanding of the history and culture from which motifs stem, the meaning that they carry and the skill needed to embroider them.

Age: 18+
Registration required; participation is free.

Joanna Barakat is an Abu Dhabi-based artist who brings together painting, photography and Palestinian embroidery to challenge and question collective ideas and stereotypes using a contemporary Palestinian aesthetic. When she was only a year old, her family relocated to the United States from Jerusalem so her father could open his ancient art gallery in Los Angeles, from which her deep understanding of art and her own visual language evolved.