Another Empty House – Film Screening and One Dish Party

As part of their research for Library Circles, Another Empty House features an evening for dining and discussion of their research, empty houses and the Malayalam film Elippathayam

For the first part of the program, visitors watch the film Elippathayam (1981) written and directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan. The film is recognized as a classic of Indian art cinema. The film depicts the struggles of an aristocratic family in Kerala as they grapple with societal changes and evolving norms, focusing on the eldest son who becomes increasingly isolated and entrapped in his own psychological anguish. 

The screening will be followed by Another Empty House’s staple One-Dish party, in which participants are encouraged to discuss the film, research and other areas of interest with Zahra Mansoor and Juneida Abdul Jabar of Another Empty House. Participants are also encouraged to bring a single dish with them for the purpose of sharing.

This program is open to registered participants. Please register through the RSVP button.



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