Jameel Library Commissions: Khalid Mezaina

Image above is of the artwork ‘If Speech is Silver’, 2019, by Khalid Mezaina, courtesy of the artist. 

Jameel Library presents ‘In Search of Magic’, a digital commission featuring a study of regional textile and talismanic practices with alternating online and physical entries released every fortnight until July 2023.

You can visit the commission through the link.

Exploring themes and techniques on surface design, ceremonial textiles, costumes for the stage and the magical world of talismans, Khalid Mezaina‘s commission is two-fold: writings and a physical textile piece that unfolds throughout the year-long duration of the commission.

This project expands on the textile and talismanic folk practices to create new connections between traditional craft practices, contemporary textiles and the library’s collection.

Khalid Mezaina is an illustrator and textile artist from Dubai. Along with a BS in Visual Communication from the American University of Sharjah in 2006, Khalid graduated in 2018 from the Rhode Island School of Design, with an MFA in Textiles. His commissioned and self-initiated projects range from art prints, installations and murals, to designs for apparel, stationery and publications.

Khalid has participated in projects and residencies both in the UAE and abroad. He has also been featured in regional and international exhibitions including ‘Emirati Expressions IV: Conventions of Art’ (2015); ‘Portrait of a Nation’ (Abu Dhabi Festival, 2016 and Berlin Art Week, 2017); and ‘From Barcelona to Abu Dhabi: Works from the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) in dialogue with the Emirates’ (2018). 



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