be-ing: Rummān Collective (commissioned by Alexis Javero)

The journey to the inner child can be difficult – but it doesn’t have to occur alone. In the spirit of rekindling that relationship with ourselves, Rummān Collective is reaching out to artists, writers and graphic designers to come together to create a collective response to smol. This exercise culminates in the form of a zine, containing a compilation of thoughts, feelings and memories in hopes to come one step closer to that person we once knew. Find more details on Rumman Collective’s social channels on how to participate in this joint programme.

Rummān Collective was formed by 4 individuals; Alexis JaveroDania Al TamimiDoha Aboelezz and Nava Rizvi, with the objective of  establishing accessible creative learning experiences for early-career artists via  online open calls, workshops and discussions about art. The Collective seeks to encourage a global, intercultural exchange — not only to promote a greater dialogue within the art community, but to ultimately inspire artists to develop their artistic practice, and create art.

Alexis Javero is a Filipino artist based in the UAE. She has a deep interest in writing, which lies at the heart of her artistic practice. She holds a BFA in Fine Arts from the University of Sharjah, and has exhibited her work in Maraya Art Center, Sharjah Art Museum and others. Along with three of her university friends, Dania Al Tamimi, Doha Aboelezz and Nava Rizvi, she co-founded Rummān Collective with the objective to establish creative learning experiences for early-career artists.



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