• Beyond rice: cultural cross-sections through paella

Food plays a major role in the study of anthropology and ethnography, providing significant insight into cultural histories. While paella is a dish that is strongly ingrained in Valencian identity and heritage, it also represents intersecting traditions over centuries of history. This interactive panel discussion aims to explore the influences and elements that give paella its universal appeal, while still maintaining its distinctly Spanish flare. 

Paella’s impact on the cuisine, heritage and national identity will be dissected by anthropologist Dr Jonathan Shannon, Chef Mariano Andres and native Valencian, Miguel Angel and touch on its shared links with the Arab world. Audience participation is welcome! 

This virtual event is organised in collaboration with the Spanish Tourism Office in honor of International Paella Day. If you would like to make your own paella at home, have a look at the recipe here.

This event is free and open to all. Pre-registration is required. The event will take place in English.

This Art Jameel programme is part of an ongoing series focused on food, identity and culture. 



Dr. Jonathan Shannon is a Visiting Professor of Anthropology at NYU Abu Dhabi. Shannon earned a BA in English Literature from Stanford University, with a year at Saint Catherine’s College, Oxford. He completed his PhD in cultural anthropology at the City University of New York Graduate School.

Shannon’s research, scholarship, and teaching focus primarily on the Arab world and the Mediterranean. His research areas include the Arab world, Mediterranean,  music, arts, aesthetics, migration and food.

Mariano Andres is a chef and restaurateur. Mariano has worked in New York, Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, Washington, Amsterdam, Paris, London and the Seychelles before moving to Dubai to manage Seville’s, Dubai’s best known Spanish restaurant, for the past 15 years. Mariano learned the secrets of cooking the perfect paella from his father’s family recipe and his brother, renowned Chef Jose Andres.

Miguel Angel is the brand manager of Visit Valencia, an organisation that  promotes the city of Valencia internationally. With more than 15 years working internationally as a marketing specialist, Angel’s work has led him to promoting Valencia as a gastronomy hub with paella at its heart.

Daniel Rosado is the Director of the Spanish Tourism Office for the GCC region. He will be the moderator for this special evening.

Appointed in 2019 as Director of the Spanish Tourism Office as well as Tourism counselor of the Spanish Embassies in the GCC. He is a Senior Civil Servant of the Spanish Administration. He is passionate about food, and specially about paella!



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