Breathing & Sound Healing Session

Kicking off Ramadan at the Jameel is a deeply restorative and purifying 90-minute breathing and sound healing session inspired by both the cleansing nature of Ramadan, as well as the chimes experienced in Hiwa K’s The Bell Project, currently on view in Gallery 5 as part of the solo exhibition ‘Hiwa K: Do you remember what you are burning?’ 

It is said that to breathe consciously is to live consciously. Pranayama, or breathwork, is known to be an extremely powerful tool for releasing stuck or stored emotions in the nervous system and physical body, bringing about inner peace and enhanced wellbeing.

Led by meditation and breathwork teacher Sevine Samadhi, participants will be guided through conscious breathing exercises and a brief meditation to begin the healing, transformation and elevation process.

With a mix of gongs and other sound instruments, Shereen Al Mulla will take participants on a sound journey with the aim of producing vibrations that resonate with each body’s cells, bones and organs while impacting the brain waves and respiratory and heart rates, inducing feelings of deep rest, healing and restoration.

Two separate session timings are available:

  • A daytime session at 12:30 pm
  • An evening session at 9:30 pm  

Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable, loose clothing with no zippers or buttons for this experience, and are required to bring their own yoga mats and, if preferred, their own props as well, including yoga blankets and blocks or cushions.

Ramadan at the Jameel is a community engagement initiative made possible in collaboration with #MyDubai. This Art Jameel programme is part of an ongoing series focussed on promoting engagement with art as a wellness practice.

About the Facilitators

Sevine Samadhi has, throughout the years, connected with an array of ancient traditions including yoga, meditation, breathwork, energy work and the power of sound. She recently completed her KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, and is certified in several other transformational modalities such as somatic movement therapy from The Emotional Institute. She is also a Shoden Reiki Level 1 Master. 

Trained in sound healing with Cherub and Tim Wheater, a direct student of gong master Don Conreaux, Shereen Al Mulla recently completed her training in holding sacred circles and regenerative gardening. Interested by the many ways in which people can incorporate plant medicines into their daily lives, she is currently working towards attaining a degree in Master Herbalism.



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