• Children’s Tour and Workshop led by Bishoy Girgis

Jameel Arts Centre holds together a series of tours and workshops for children. The workshops feature a guided tour of the galleries and a discovery journey of artworks followed by creative hands-on activities, unique to each visit and led by artists and educators.

Sessions are free-to-attend with advance registration required. Register by emailing [email protected]. Limited spaces are available.

In conjunction with the current Jameel Arts Centre Exhibition exploring materiality,
‘Second Hand’, this workshop’s creations use salvaged and recycled ethernet cables
and wires. Inspired by miniature art and the work of artists like Tatsuya Tanaka.; the 3
hour session led by Bishoy Girgis is divided into two parts, starting with the construction of miniature figures, followed by photographic documentation of these figures in multiple scenarios.

Key workshop takeaways focus on looking at art but also on making and reflecting.

Bishoy Girgis is an architect, designer and maker. He received his bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the American University of Sharjah. Growing up in an artistic family, Bishoy was constantly exposed to and surrounded by sculptures, paintings and tools. He developed his love for design and craftsmanship at an early stage and has experimented with architecture, furniture design, product design, drawing and wood

Children’s tour and workshop
Saturday, October 19, 2019
10:00 – 13:00
Ages: 11+