• Teen’s Tour and Workshop led by Natalya Konforti

Jameel Arts Centre holds together a series of tours and workshops for teens. The workshops feature a guided tour of the galleries and a discovery journey of artworks followed by creative hands-on activities, unique to each visit and led by artists and educators.

Sessions are free-to-attend with advance registration required. Register by emailing [email protected]. Limited spaces are available.

Online platform Glitches and Stitches Founder, Natalya Konforti hosts a teens workshop in the spirit of the current Jameel Arts Centre exhibition Second Hand.

This session aims to breathe new life into old clothes following the Japanese principles of wabi-sabi; embellishing flaws rather than trying to erase them, mending rather than throwing away what is old or broken. During this 2.5 hour session, students learn to darn holes, cover stains or simply update a used item of clothing with embroidered embellishments.

Note that all participants are requested to bring with them a personal garment they wish to work with.

Key workshop takeaways focus on looking at art but also on making and reflecting.

Glitches & Stitches is the brainchild of designer and artist Natalya Konforti. After a decade in the fast fashion industry designing garments manufactured by the hundreds of thousands, she yearned for the soul and personality of artisanal craftsmanship. Upon moving to Dubai she decided to leverage the skills she had honed developing samples to help other ‘design junkies’ become self-sufficient.

Passionate about creativity, but unfond of the elitism that it’s often paired with, she advocates for the importance of having a creative outlet, not only as a channel of self-expression but also for virtues of self-care and mindfulness.

Teen’s tour and workshop
Saturday,  October 12, 2019
10:00 – 13:00
Ages: 13-16