Children’s workshop – Safe in a Tin Box with Hala El Abora

This event has reached maximum capacity.

This workshop invites children and young teens 8-13 years old to join a session using memory as a tool for placemaking. In the session, participants will explore the relationship between space and place in little tin boxes, pocket-size. As a result every young person can carry their places with themselves.

The workshop is led by the Assembly 2022-2023 member Hala El Abora as part of the 2023 Youth Takeover.

Materials will be provided to all attendees. Limited capacity, free to attend.

Hala El Abora is a Palestinian Jordanian artist that is Dubai based. Her practice is driven by her obsession with the concept of non-ephemerality, permanence and the desperate need to preserve. She is interested in the act and process of archiving; the act of making forms concrete and negotiating deterioration. In her work, intimate embroideries resonate against rigid and enduring mediums such as resin, plastic and metal, she embodies experiences of yearning that cannot otherwise be made physical. El Abora graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Sharjah, 2021. Her work has been shown in While The Coffee Grounds Settle, Fathom Gallery at Georgetown in Washington DC; Calculating Chaos, Rawaq Gallery, Sharjah; SGC International Conference, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Confluence IL Virtual Exhibition, IE Art Projects (all in 2022); Exit 16, The Studio Gallery, Sharjah (2021 ) and Palestine 101, University of Toronto (2020); among others.



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