With a little bit of imagination stretching, DIY spirit and some out-of-the-box thinking, Gulf Photo Plus (GPP) workshop leader Caleb Arias guides you through light painting using long exposures and every day light sources to create experimental portraits. All you need to get ready and turn your space into a homespun photography studio is a smartphone or professional camera and a tripod or flat surface to put your phone or camera on.


  • a smartphone or professional camera
  • tripod or flat surface

Recommended for: Teens, adults.

About Caleb Arias

Caleb Arias is a studio and portrait photographer and the son of commercial and portrait photographer Zack Arias. For the past several years, Caleb has been assisting, learning and working with his father, and since 2015 has pursued photography full-time. He has since joined the Gulf Photo Plus family and edited and produced award-winning short films for the Atlanta48 Hour Film Project.



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