• Family film festival by Looking Glass Film Club

Looking Glass Film Club brings together a curated selection of shorts to spark creativity and curiosity in kids this Summer.

The films are listed with links below, each followed by prompts to share with your children after the screenings, nurturing a sense of discovery while learning about one other’s feelings and thoughts.

This event is under Jaddaf Aloud Online, a virtual programme designed to celebrate homegrown creative talent and provide opportunities for local audiences to engage and support through a series of activations.


2013 | Czech Republic | Katerina Karhankova | 6 min | No dialogue

This is a film about three kids who find a mysterious bone and venture on a journey to find the creature to which the bone belongs.

Prompts: What creature do you think the bone belonged to? The kids buried the bone again and never solved the mystery! What discovery did they miss? What would you have done?



2016 | Russia | Svetlana Andrianova | 10 min | No dialogue

This is a touching story about the relationship between a young and an old tram as they serve the city and its passengers, driving them to their chosen destinations.

Prompts: The wisdom of elders is priceless. Share with your family one thing that you learned during your time at home over the past few months? Did you feel happy seeing the young tram take care of the older one?



2015 | Finland | Anni Oja | 4 min | No dialogue

“This town is not big enough for the two of them. Nor their moustaches.”

Prompts: What was the sticky situation in this film? How did it get resolved? What did you learn from this story?



2015 | Germany | Elena Walf | 7 min | No dialogue

Oil, gold and fire are the treasures inside the proud giant mountains. The smaller, little mountain finds it impossible to keep up with them. He only possesesses this tiny, strange and useless some thing.

Prompts: Did the giant mountains underestimate the value of the ”something” that belongs to the little mountain? Were you happy when the little mountain realised his potential? What is the lesson in this film? Everyone has unique qualities! What is yours?


Looking Glass Film Club is a socially responsible film platform based in the United Arab Emirates; screening cinematically-influential, award-winning international films to inspire, educate and empower the youth ages 3 to 15. We understand children have zippy attention spans and we specialise in curating short film programs from around the world to expose our young audiences to diverse styles of storytelling, multi-perspective tales to broaden their horizons and spark their sense of wonder.



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