Create a little treasure hunt adventure at home with your family. Artist Marwan Shakarchi and his son Zak present an interactive experience to get our creativity going! Take turns choosing objects to draw and hide these ‘clues’ around the house to find the final treasure!

Part 1: preparing the clues

  • papers (as many as you need to draw different clues)
  • drawing: pencil, eraser, any colouring medium

Part 2: making the treasure hunt

  • tape (to stick up the clues on paper around the house)
  • your choice of treasure (this could be candy, a snack, a book or any other gift/reward!)

Recommended for: Kids with parents

**Little hands might need their parents’ help doing this activity

About Marwan Shakarchi

Marwan Shakarchi is an artist specializing in public murals, and illustration forming the backbone of the project Myneandyours. He comes from no artistic institution, has had no formal artistic training, and has never participated in a residency.



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