Family Saturdays at the Jameel: Best of Edition

Join us for the last Family Saturdays event of the summer season at the Jameel. Enjoy a guided tour of the current exhibitions and a series of hands-on art making activities for all ages.

This edition offers a unique chance to gain an in-depth exploration of several works from our current exhibitions including: At the Edge of Land, Artist’s Room: Augustine Paredes, Artist’s Room: Amba Sayal-Bennett, Artist’s Room: Sancintya Mohini Simpson, Artist’s Rooms: Taysir Batniji, and Tarabot: Weaving a Living Forum.

Featuring works that tell stories about land, identity and histories of families passed to the next generation through storytelling and artmaking, as well as our connection to everyday materials and objects and what they represent to us. 

Following the tour, families are invited to participate in a series of immersive self-led activities inspired by the exhibition works of the artists: Daniele Genardy, Augustine Paderes, Taysir Batniji, as well as our sustainable pavilion,Tarabot: Weaving a Living Forum, by architect Adib Dada.

Participants gain a deep engagement with artists’ themes, mediums, and processes, and through the self-led activities learn various techniques such as watercolour painting, embroidery, collage and clay imprints with nature.

The activities are free to attend and run all day to encourage and support creativity and imagination. 

Jameel Arts Centre strives to provide space for children to share stories, and to foster cultural awareness through artistic exploration that supports healthy child-development and growth.

Family Saturdays at the Jameel are suitable for all ages. All materials, step by step guides and instructional videos will be provided.

The tour begins at 11:00am and participants are welcome to drop by and enjoy the activities until 4:00pm.

Family Saturdays at the Jameel returns in the fall and takes place every last Saturday of the month.



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