• From Palestine to Colombia: Planting seeds
  • From Palestine to Colombia: Planting seeds

The Friends of Jaddaf Community Garden announce their first workshop of the summer season with Dr. Nasser Rego, founder of SoWeGrow, and Cédric Lheure, founder of FUNDEYACO, for an inspiring roundtable discussion on social impact and community development.

This informal discussion provides participants the opportunity to learn about two organisations dedicated to the development of humanitarian projects centered around supporting and empowering communities through the power of planting seeds. From Palestine to Colombia, the guest speakers will  explore how social action efforts emerge out of a growing collective consciousness aimed at improving community life. Together with the speakers, participants will explore how they can contribute to their own community by learning about agriculture, education and or sustainability. Everyone can contribute!

This event is free and open to the public. Pre-registration is encouraged. The roundtable is aimed at participants aged 16+; children must be accompanied by a chaperone.

About the speakers

Nasser Rego is the founder of two pioneer market garden farms in Palestine. A market garden is a small-scale, biointensive farm, similar to a home garden, but set-up to sell its produce to families and restaurants. His organisation helps home gardeners in the Middle East grow their own food. They do this through online education and in-person garden set-ups. His motivation is simple: Nasser wants to see people live healthier, happier and more sustainable lives. And he gets them there by empowering them to grow food the way experts do.

Cédric Lheure is the founder of Fundeyaco Foundation based in Colombia. Fundeyaco is a non-profit organization offering agricultural, environmental and educational programs to empower and improve the living conditions of the surrounding communities in Mocoa, Putumayoin, Colombia. A significant part of Colombia’s natural wealth is rooted in the Amazon and Fundeyaco focuses on protecting and restoring the environment in this region. Cedric enjoys using his skills to help improve a community’s ability to create learning within their locality and ensure that the principles of sustainability are upheld.



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