Jaddaf Community Garden

The Jaddaf Community Garden was launched during the first edition of Down to Earth on December 12, 2020. The participatory project is run in collaboration with a group of local residents known as the Friends of Jaddaf Community Garden, with the aim of connecting with neighbours and creating a deeper sense of shared responsibility for the environment. The Garden is an opportunity to meet local residents and collectively learn about, care for, and grow various plants including fruits, vegetables and herbs. Besides caring for the Garden, participants will gather to discuss the importance of gardening, the food we eat and explore sustainable practices together.

The Garden will announce an active events programme; from planting and harvesting days to volunteering opportunities and family workshops. The Friends of Jaddaf Community Garden programme is free to join. 

We invite you, friends and family to join and nurture this Garden.  Email [email protected] to learn more. 



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