Lecture – The Ancient Philosophy of Stoicism, by Dr. Kurt Mertel

Image credit – Roman Ideal Landscape with Cephalus, Procris, and Diana by Claude Lorrain (1635)

In this interactive lecture, Dr. Kurt Mertel introduces the ancient philosophy of Stoicism, delving into what the Stoics considered to be ‘the good life’ and the value this philosophy holds in improving the quality of our lives. The lecture hopes to encourage those attending to see philosophy in a new light, recognising that some form of philosophy exists in every thought, action and opinion, constituting the heart of every human endeavour.

This lecture is organised by the Assembly 2023-2024 member Karim el Atrache as part of the 2024 Youth Takeover.

Dr. Kurt C.M. Mertel is an Associate Professor at the American University of Sharjah. His research lies at the intersection of philosophical anthropology, ethics and social and political philosophy. His work in these areas has been translated into German and Spanish and appears in the European Journal of Philosophy, Philosophy and Social Criticism, Critical Horizons, The Journal of Philosophy of Education and Grazer Philosophische Studien, among others.

Karim El Atrache is a Lebanese artist born and raised in the UAE. He is passionate about philosophy and aesthetics and has worked with a variety of media, including drawing, Arabic calligraphy, graffiti and essay-writing. Karim studied Environmental Health & Safety and Business Management and is a member of the Abu Dhabi-based experimental creative studio, Very Crude.



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