The Youth Takeover 2024

The Assembly invites you to the annual Youth Takeover of the Jameel Arts Centre starting Saturday, May 4 and running until Monday, May 27, 2024.

The Assembly 2023 – 2024 cohort members are: artist and philosopher-to-be Karim el Atrache, spoken word poet and interdisciplinary researcher Malavika Suresh, interdisciplinary designer Mariam Shamma, architect Marwan Ali, multimedia designer Nabeeha Sajjad, photographer Redha Al Hammad, artist Sami Al Soloh and interdisciplinary researcher Toga Al Tahir.

The Youth Takeover manifests as a physical takeover of the Jameel Arts Centre, featuring multiple artwork and installation interventions across the ground floor of the building, both indoors and outdoors. The Takeover is complemented by a rich public programme across the four weekends of May.

This year’s theme, titled (un)cooked expands on the portrayal of various interpretations of memories, realities and fantasies. With 11 original commissions by young artists, the exhibition represents a myriad of romantic and magnified versions of seemingly mundane experiences. The commissioned artists are:

Karim el Atrache and Klythm
Malavika Suresh and Alysia Knowles
Mariam Shamma
Marwan Ali and Nour Elbery
Nabeeha Sajjad and Ala Kheir, Jawad Al Bdiwi, Makki Rashid and Sarwa Abdul
Redha Al Hammad and Dalia Mustafa
Sami Al Soloh
Toga Tahir, Abdallah Abbas and Adiga Music Band

In (un)cooked, the artists depict singular experiences from across times, places and concepts that underwent morphing processes fueled by the human desire to romanticise, manipulate and play with their so-called mundanity. From childhoods to communal relationships, health to self-awareness and birthdays to joyful moments – the artworks speak to their universality with personal specifications. They challenge you to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and embark on a journey in discovering that the mundane is real, raw and relevant in its simplicity. 

Besides the commissioned artworks, the Youth Takeover 2024 features public programmes that offer visitors the opportunity to dissect their own memories and experiences through a series of performances, talks, screenings and more. The public programmes include: 

Saturday, May 4
–   opening preview and musical activation by WYWY
–   (performance): (Self)Serving by artist Assi Abogado
   (un)cooked panel discussion with the Assembly 2023-2024 and programme curators Abhirami Suresh and Osemudiamen Ekore

Sunday, May 5
(lecture): The Ancient Philosophy of Stoicism – A Lecture by Dr. Kurt Mertel, Professor of Philosophy

Saturday, May 11
–   (tour): Assembly-led Youth Takeover 2024 tour for children and families by Assembly member Sami Al Soloh
–   (themed activation): A Time-Capsule Exchange by artist and architect Sarah Al Soloh

Saturday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12
(workshop): Self-Portrait in Verse – A Poetry Workshop by poet Danabelle Gutierrez and Assembly member Malavika Suresh

Saturday, May 18
–   (tour): Assembly-led Youth Takeover 2024 tour
–   (supper club): let them eat cake by artist Farah AlZeer
–   (film screening + talk): And I Must Go with photographer Ala Kheir, filmmaker Makki Rashid, multimedia artist and Assembly member Nabeeha Sajjad, creative producer Sarwa Abdul; moderated by Sophie Ziai

Sunday, May 19
(talk): Hudhud with artist Enas Al Faranjiya, writer Nayla Tozin, designer Rana Kassem, artist Shaikha Al Salman; moderated by Bootleg Griot

Saturday, May 25
–   (tour): Assembly-led Youth Takeover 2024 tour
–   (poetry event): Self-Portrait in Verse – Poetry Showcase and Open Mic by Assembly member Malavika Suresh

Sunday,May 26
(themed activation): Magila by Assembly member Toga Al Tahir

All events are free and open to the public. Register your space by clicking through the links above.

The Assembly is an annual experimental learning programme designed to foster creative leaders aged 18 to 24 in the UAE, inviting the creation and curation of projects reflective of their generation’s areas of interest. This year’s learning programme was designed, curated and facilitated by Abhirami Suresh, Library and Youth Coordinator at Art Jameel, in collaboration with Osemudiamen Ekore, Assembly Peer Curator and alumnus of The Assembly 2022-2023.