Panel Discussion – (un)cooked: Youth Takeover 2024

Kickstarting the public programmes of the 2024 Youth Takeover – (un)cooked – join the Assembly members in conversation with the programme curators, Abhirami Suresh and Osemudiamen Ekore.

The conversation delves into the nuances of memory and personal experiences as the departure point for developing the Takeover’s theme and its ultimate materialisation at Jameel Arts Centre. Together, the Assembly reflects on their journey throughout the programme and how the exhibition provokes thought and dialogue beyond its physical manifestations.

The Assembly 2023 – 2024 cohort members are: artist and philosopher-to-be Karim el Atrache, spoken word poet and interdisciplinary researcher Malavika Suresh, interdisciplinary designer Mariam Shamma, architect Marwan Ali, multimedia designer Nabeeha Sajjad, photographer Redha Al Hammad, artist Sami Al Soloh and interdisciplinary researcher Toga Al Tahir.

We invite you to stay on for (Self)Serving, performed by Assi Abogado and a Sound Activation by dream pop duo, WYWY, from 7:15pm onwards.



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