Performance – (Self)Serving, by Assi Abogado

(Self)Serving, performed by Assi Abogado, critiques contemporary excess and consumerism through a ritualistic engagement between the artist and a table, bread and the audience. Over 20 minutes, the performance escalates in aggression as it delves into the themes of vanity and individual consumption, set against a meticulously deliberate pace. It draws parallels with the political context of the Bread Riots of 1977 in Egypt, to deepen the critique on governmental policies and societal reactions to scarcity. Through the symbolic act of serving bread—a staple that sparked the widespread protests in 1977—the artist prompts reflection on the contrast between essential needs and excessive wants, urging a reconsideration of our consumption habits and our food practices. The performance features sound design by Abdelrahman Hassanin.

The artwork will continue to live on throughout the duration of the Takeover, encouraging continuous engagement from all visitors.

This performance is followed by a sound activation by UAE-based dream pop duo WYWY, performing songs from their latest album ‘Whispers of Existence’.

The performance is organised by the Assembly 2023-2024 member Marwan Ali as part of the 2024 Youth Takeover.

Assi Abogado is a non-binary multidisciplinary artist based in Dubai. They work in concept art, creative direction, illustration, new media art, graphic design, video, performance and installation. Their art practice explores queer identity and its experiences, mythical dreamscapes and the material and corporeal qualities of post-internet art and digital culture, creating various media works through experimental processes to engage with the contemporary world and post-alternative atmospheres.

Marwan Ali is an Egyptian architect based in Dubai, who studied Architecture from the American University of Sharjah. His work elevates architecture to a narrative medium where fiction and reality intertwine, reimagining spatial narratives. This approach challenges conventional architectural paradigms and enriches our understanding of how spaces influence human interaction, societal formation and communities. He attempts to exemplify the profound impact of architecture by demonstrating its pivotal role in shaping communal identities and experiences in the Middle East.



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