Film Screening and Gathering – Magila, by Toga Al Tahir

Image credit – Treasure by Rayan Elnayal (2022)

Magila/مقيله – a common Sudanese colloquial term – refers to a visit that often begins in the afternoon and extends past sunset. Guests are welcome to stay for as long as they want, nurturing genuine connections and close relationships with their loved ones.

Assembly member Toga Al Tahir extends the sensorial experience of her work The ‘elelele’ Winds centering joy by inviting people to a Magila. The Magila hosts a curated space that evokes the sentiments expressed in her installation, including a henna art corner inspired by the textile patterns and motifs found in her research project. Here, people can also enjoy a collection of books in the reading corner, including materials that were engaged with during the project. Additionally, there will be a screening of short films from the African diaspora, channelling practices performed in communion and capturing the nostalgic nature of the Magila.

This gethering is organised by the Assembly 2023-2024 member Toga Al Tahir as part of the 2024 Youth Takeover.

Toga Al Tahir is an interdisciplinary researcher whose projects adopt unconventional fluid research, exploring the multifaceted sceneries of black culture and art. Her practice navigates between the fields of art, culture and her surrounding environments. She was previously trained at The Africa Institute, Global Studies University (GSU). Additionally, she continues to explore intersectional projects independently as the co-founder of Afrabia Climate Project.



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