Tarabot Talks 3.0 – HARVEST: Learnings from Weaving a Living Forum

Join us in marking the first season of Tarabot: Weaving a Living Forum with ‘HARVEST,’ an evening of talks dedicated to the many learnings enabled by this pavilion at the Jaddaf Waterfront Sculpture Park.

‘HARVEST’ aims to showcase how site-specific sustainable design and curatorial practices can address urgent environmental issues while fostering a deeper connection between humans and nature. 

Preceded by the workshop A Time for Life-Sustaining Leadership (3:30-5:30 pm), the evening will kick off at 6:00pm with a tour of Tarabot at the Jaddaf Waterfront Sculpture Park.

Later, architect Adib Dada of theOtherDada will present an overview of the many learnings harvested over the past five months with the Tarabot structure. Joined by Andres Roberts of The Bio-Leadership Project, their conversation will also explore the interconnectedness of ecosystems in hot cities, as experienced in Jaddaf, Dubai and beyond. Q&A included.

After a break with refreshments, the panel Jaddaf: Placemaking, Movements and “Backdrops” will delve into Tarabot and the Jaddaf Waterfront as a site with many happenings: from placemaking, to the passage of people, to the creation of memories with the location’s scenery. Featured panelists are Dima Boulad – Design Research Lead at Dubai Design Lab, Sophie Mayuko Arni – Independent Curator and Editor-in-Chief of Global Art Daily and Noor Alwan – Co-Founder of TOFI – Theories of Imagination and Co-Designer of the Jaddaf Playscape Commission, in conversation with Daniel H. Rey, Public Programmes Coordinator – Art Jameel.

Pre-event workshop

‘HARVEST’ Programme

  • 6:00-6:45 pm – Intro to Tarabot and Walking Tour of the pavilion
  • 6:45-7:30 pm – HARVEST: Adib Dada (theOtherDada) presents an overview of five months of Tarabot, its built knowledge, findings, anecdotes, encounters and conversations. In conversation with Andres Roberts (The Bio-Leadership project), the talk explores the interconnectedness of ecosystems in hot cities, as experienced in Jaddaf, Dubai and beyond. Q&A with the audience included.
  • 7:30-7:45 pm – Break with refreshments
  • 7:45 – 8:30 pm  – Panel – Jaddaf: Placemaking, Movements and “Backdrops”: Discussions on placemaking with Dima Boulad (Dubai Design Lab), Sophie Mayuko Arni (Global Art Daily),  and Noor Alwan (TOFI – Theories of Imagination) with Daniel H. Rey (Art Jameel).

‘HARVEST’ the third iteration of the Tarabot Talks series – a programme devised by Art Jameel with theOtherDada

Free to attend. Open to all. Refreshments will be provided. RSVP here.

Designed by theOtherDada, Tarabot: Weaving a Living Forum is commissioned by Art Jameel and supported by Abdul Latif Jameel Saudi Arabia.

theOtherDada is a Beirut-based regenerative consultancy and architecture practice founded by Adib Dada, working with nature to build shared habitats for humans and other organisms to thrive. They are Lebanon’s first BCorp certified company built on the firm belief that businesses have the responsibility and opportunity to action meaningful, positive impact. tOD takes an alternative approach to sustainability, through the deep consideration of context and medium of their work- fostering new relationships between climate, landscape, and inhabitants.  Their research in biomimicry enables a conscious connection to the natural ecosystems of sites to build interspecies habitats.

Adib Dada is the founder of theOtherDada [tOD] Regenerative Consultancy & Architecture, whose mission is to activate projects across architecture, design, and art by creating unconventional links at the frontier of science. Going beyond traditional architecture, his work employs a holistic and biomimetic design approach with nature and people at its core. Adib served on the Supporting Committee of the Beirut Art Center, and sits on the Board of Tandem Works and Saja Foundation. He earned a BA in Architecture at the American University of Beirut, an MA in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, and completed the Biomimicry graduate certificate from the Biomimicry Institute and Arizona State University.  Adib was listed as one of GOOD Magazine’s GOOD 100 for his project Beirut RiverLESS, which he initiated to implement positive urban interventions including the planting of urban native forests alongside Beirut River and in the city at large. He is a Fellow of the Middle East Leadership Initiative, a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network and a Bio-Leadership Fellow.

The Bio-Leadership Project seeks to ensure a sustainable and thriving future for all generations by helping Earth-centered progress grow across all sectors of society. It is a dynamic movement working across three key areas of work: a consultancy, a global fellowship, and a nature-centred innovation lab. The Bio-Leadership Project works with pioneering, nature-led organisations around the world.

Andres Roberts is the founder of the Bio-Leadership Project and programme director of the Bio-Leadership Fellowship, two initiatives supporting regenerative people and projects across the world. He is an advisor and guide to pioneering, Earth-centred businesses and organisations, including Patagonia, Aviva Investors, The Philanthropy Lab and numerous regenerative and social projects. His work combines transformative leadership development, wisdom from ancient cultures, and deep work with nature to support new forms of progress that care for all of life. His deepest work is the practice of guiding Nature Quests – profound experiences in nature supporting resilience, connection, awareness and compassion required for navigating these urgent times.

Dima Boulad is the Design Research Lead at the Dubai Design Lab, an action lab under Dubai Future Foundation that harnesses the power of design & creativity to place Dubai among the world’s most liveable cities. With over 14 years of experience in the design field, she has partnered with both public and private organizations to tackle complex social issues using human-centered and planet-friendly design approaches. Dima‘s passion lies in humanizing cities by creating experiences, strategies and policies that fosters an inclusive urban environment.

Sophie Mayuko Arni is a Swiss-Japanese curator, editor, and writer based in the Arabian Gulf. She is the Founder of Global Art Daily Agency, a publishing and curatorial platform based in Dubai, and Editor-in-Chief of Global Art Daily E-Issues, a digital publication archiving the Gulf’s contemporary art scene. Since 2015, she has authored more than 100 texts on artists and exhibitions contributing to the UAE’s burgeoning art scene, with an international team of editors and contributors. On a journey to bridge East and East, she started the “East-East: UAE meets Japan” exhibition series, currently in its fifth volume. In 2022, her efforts to bridge the UAE and Japan’s artistic activities were recognized by the UAE Embassy in Japan as part of the 50th Anniversary of UAE-Japan Diplomatic Relations. She curated Lamya Gargash’s solo show “Isthmus” at The Third Line Gallery (May 2023, Dubai), “Gravitation” by Jukan Tateisi, Shōei Matsuda, and Takeshi Yasura at SRR Project Space (June 2023, Tokyo), and “The Big Flat Now” by Shōei Matsuda at Dubai Festival City Mall (September 2023, Dubai).  She graduated with a B.A. in Art History from NYU Abu Dhabi and with an MPhil in Curatorial Practices from the Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts.

Noor Alwan is a Bahraini multidisciplinary artist with a BA in Architecture from The University of Manchester (2011) and MA in Architecture as a Fulbright scholar from The University at Buffalo (2016) specialized in inclusive design. Her work was exhibited across Bahrain, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and the UK. She won 3rd place in the 45th Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition (2019) and had her solo show Sacred Practices (2023). She was one of the recipients of Misk Art Institute Grant (2021) in Riyadh. Her practice is rooted in social engagement and communal practices, from public art activations of abandoned spaces, urban play, and pieces that explore spatial psychology, ephemerality and collective identities. Noor is also the co-founder of TOFI alongside Abdulla Buhijji, a multidimensional art collaboration that works at the convergence of art and technology with a speculative and whimsical approach. They create art installations and interactive experiences rooted in cultural insights and research that provide fun ways to perceive present and future landscapes. TOFI were the recipients of the Art Jameel Playscape Commission (2023), exhibited in Noor Riyadh Festival (2022), Dubai Expo 2020 (2021), and Misk Art Institute (2020), and have a permanent public art installation in The Flag Island Sharjah (2021).



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