Poetry Showcase and Open Mic – Self-Portrait in Verse, with Malavika Suresh

Registration to perform at this event has reached full capacity, however you are welcome to join us as an attendee. This event is free and open to the public. 

Self-Portrait in Verse is a poetry showcase and open mic night that is the culmination of a poetry writing workshop led by Danabelle Gutierrez and Assembly member Malavika Suresh. Immerse yourself in self-portraits taken out of their traditional pictorial context and into the world of poetry written by workshop participants. Each poem promises to be a window into unique yet relatable experiences that highlight the complexities of being human. This will be followed by an open mic session where local artists take the stage and share the rich tapestry of UAE’s poetic talent. Join us for a night of words, warmth and wonder.

This event is preceded by an Assembly-led tour of the 2024 Youth Takeover. Attendees are encouraged to attend to learn more about the exhibition and commissioned artworks. This one-hour tour is free and open to the public and limited to 15 people. You can register your attendance through this link.

This event is organised by the Assembly 2023-2024 member Malavika Suresh as part of the 2024 Youth Takeover.

Malavika Suresh is a spoken word poet and academic researcher. She studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics with a specialisation in Political Science. In her work, she explores mental health and the nuanced relationship an individual has with themselves. As a writer, she has been featured in local and international conferences, and art and literature festivals. With a passion for various forms of writing, she actively works towards blending different disciplines and practices to create holistic conversations.



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