Liquid Dreams by Nadia Christidi

Liquid Dreams is the culmination of Nadia’s residency at the Jameel Arts Centre in 2019 as part of Art Jameel’s Arts Writing and Research commission. Liquid Dreams explores water imaginaries in the U.A.E, combining archival and historical research with speculative writing. The publication includes four essays, each on Crops, Clouds, Icebergs and Genes, along with the author’s introduction and illustrations by Joseph Kai.

The publication can be downloaded on the following link.

Nadia Christidi is a researcher, writer, and arts practitioner based between Cambridge, MA and Beirut, Lebanon. Her work explores the political and economic dimensions of environmental imaginaries, earth sciences, and their representation in literature, art, and design. Nadia is currently a PhD candidate in History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, and Society at MIT, where she studies how cities that face water supply challenges, which are expected to intensify with climate change, are imagining, planning, and preparing for the future of water. The cites she focuses on are Los Angeles, Dubai, and Cape Town. Her work has been exhibited at Beirut Art Center, SALT Galata (Istanbul), and SALT Ulus (Ankara), and published by ArteEast and ArtAsiaPacific.

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