Sound walk: Lisan

‘Lisan’ is a semi-fictional sound-walk by artist Naser Al Sughaiyer departing from the Jameel Arts Centre and following the Dubai Creek along the Jaddaf Waterfront. It is an immersive and interactive experience narrated by a twelve-year-old girl, leading audiences through contrasting natural and urban landscapes – bringing to light the many lives of the creek and the stories of its human and more-than-human inhabitants. Lisan (Arabic word for Tongue) is a visceral remembrance of the human body as an extension of the living earth, blurring the lines between the human tongue (Lisan) and the creek as a tongue of water. ‘Lisan’ serves as a meditation on ecological care, bringing together the creek’s acoustic ecologies and prompting listeners to engage with the sensory overstimulation that is a hallmark of contemporary living.

Naser Al Sughaiyer (b.1990) is a Palestinian-Jordanian artist and walker working closely with birds, water, and the many invisible, more-than-human kin living with us in the city. His art-life practices explore interspecies intimacy, and how humans can deepen relations with our living earth through rituals of prolonged aimless walking, storytelling, planting, whistling, dancing, hospicing, burying, and composting. Naser has extensive experience in acting, directing, and creating scripted, improvisational, musical, puppet, playback and immersive theatre – ranging from comedy and horror to drama.

‘Lisan’ is commissioned by the Jameel Arts Centre, curated by Nadine El Khoury, performed by Aikaterini Bikou, sound designed by Joe Najm, and channelled in collaboration with the creek, birds, fish, feet, bridges, cars, airplanes, and the countless more-than-human kin of the Jaddaf Waterfront.

Recommendations before starting the walk:
• We encourage you to use your headphones to receive the full richness of the sound experience.
• You can enjoy this sound walk anytime throughout the day (but we recommend the time window from 4 pm until sunset).
• Use your common sense to navigate directions and adjust your steps based on your surroundings.
• At different points, you will be asked to take the stairs. If that’s not available for you, you may use the elevator or other alternative routes.

Download the files below before starting the walk:

📍 Google Map

🔊 Lisan Sound Walk