Reading Group: Eco/Sci/Fi – Session 4

Jameel Library presents another session the Reading Group: Eco/Sci/Fi. These reading group sessions provide participants with science fiction writing that explores themes within and around ecology. Each session within this themed series features a different reading group leader, whose aim is to foster a discussion around sustainability, environmental issues and technology within speculative futures (and pasts).

In this session of the Eco/Sci/Fi series, participants will be reading excerpts of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind by Hayao Miyazaki. The session is led in English by cartoonist Aisha Thani.

The reading groups are free and open to all. Registration is required, as space is limited. Registered participants are expected to commit to the reading material and to attend the session they have registered to maintain a respectful, informed and open discursive environment.

Please register via the RSVP button.

Aisha Thani is an Emirates based webcomic artist, insect enthusiast and nature lover. She authored and illustrated the webcomic Warrior U in 2009. Her more recent work Si3loh is a webcomic about an underdog who tries to fight folklore jinn.

Her work can be read in the Sharjah Art Foundation’s comic anthology Corniche and online.



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