• Teen’s Tour and Workshop led by Engy Mahdy

Jameel Arts Centre holds together a series of tours and workshops for teens. The workshops feature a guided tour of the galleries and a discovery journey of artworks followed by creative hands-on activities, unique to each visit and led by artists and educators.

Sessions are free-to-attend with advance registration required. Register by emailing [email protected]. Limited spaces are available.

This workshop led by Engy Mahdy is inspired by the work of Victor Vasarely known as the leader of the Op Art movement (short for Optical Art). Since she was a child, Engy has always been mesmerized by the techniques behind this art form and the ability to conceal things. During this workshop, participants are encouraged to think deeper about creating artworks and playing with hidden messages and illusions.

Key workshop takeaways focus on looking at art but also on making and reflecting.

Engy Mahdy is a designer, maker and artist. She studied fashion design in New Zealand and Postgrad in advanced patternmaking techniques. Mahdy appreciates the relationship and juxtaposition between 2D and 3D forms. With her background in fashion, she often explores shapes and volumes through her work with the aim of conveying certain messages across. Her process consists of moving between illustration and creating, and she values the process as much as the end result. The process of creating a piece is what leads to the design — an organic conversation between the piece and the practitioner.

Teen’s tour and workshop
Saturday, September 28, 2019
10:00 – 13:00
Ages: 13-16