• We ART what we EAT. Or not?
This workshop was conceived as part of the Assembly 2020 Youth Takeover public programme and is delivered by artist Sree. Limited capacity, first-come first-serve basis. Kindly RSVP to the workshop and successful registrations will receive details and instructions for joining the session.

Featured Youth Takeover artist Sree invites you to explore identity and material culture by working with a household ingredient from your kitchen. The goal is to treat it as an object of artmaking and research. Upon registration, the artist will send a short prompt for attendees to research the histories, cultures, and connections surrounding their own chosen ingredient. The objective is to problematise, dilate and meditate with an otherwise mundane yet ubiquitous part of your life, in order to find moments of reflection and rediscovery of the many complexities such materials hold. Once in the workshop, attendees will exchange their research findings as stories or by presenting a short performance (monologue, poetry, images).

Sree is an artist, theater maker, music producer, and photographer who experiments with sound, sight, people, and movement. Through these experiments, he introspects his identity, culture, taboos, and place in the world. A final year theater and music student in NYU Abu Dhabi, he works with research and ethnographic study that culminates in immersive performances/installations. His training in artistic research inherits from the theatrical process developed by the Theater Mitu company based in NYC. His current introspection surrounds material cultures and positionalities of the places he calls home, and through art, he questions the representations/appropriations of the same.






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