• The Youth Takeover 2020

The Assembly invites you to the annual Jameel Arts Centre Youth Takeover starting Friday October 30 and running until November 16, 2020.

Register your interest in the Takeover and receive the full programme and more details in by RSVPing here and plan your visit to the Jameel ahead of time by booking your slot via the link here.

The Youth Takeover kicks off with a reveal of multiple digital, audio visual and artwork interventions by UAE-based artists and creatives. The takeover is complimented by an online curated public programme comprised of workshops, talks and a panel discussion in addition to accompanying digital content hosted on the Assembly’s very own bespoke blog Verticals (composed and commissioned by the nine members of this years’ Assembly).

Staged around the theme of Reassigning Values, the 2020 takeover presents a wide spectrum of interventions responding to 9 curatorial prompts conceived by the Assembly. Read more about the Takeover and the Assembly’s manifesto here.

Other than the contributions of the Assembly members, the takeover features works and public programmes by the following 25 UAE-based young artists and creatives:

  • Sarah Al Adayleh
  • Hassana Arif
  • Ashay Bhave
  • Nadim Choufi
  • Ahmad Geaissa & Boula Rami
  • Simran Gvalani & Kristina Kiseleva
  • Sree
  • Mohamed Khalid
  • Tala Khalil
  • Khawla Al Marzooqi
  • Jad Moura
  • Malaika Munshi
  • Talal Al Najjar
  • Zahra’a Nasralla
  • Arthur de Oliveira
  • Gopika Praveen
  • Luis Carlos Soto Ruiz
  • Zuhoor Al Sayegh
  • Sari Al Taher
  • UT-R Studio (Tasnim Tinawi & Uthra Varghese)
  • Mariam AlZayani & Nasser Alzayani

2020 Youth Takeover Programme:
October 31 (workshop): Objective Memory by Mariam AlZayani and Nasser Alzayani
November 2 (workshop): We ART what we EAT. Or not? by Sree
November 4 (performance): The last time I looked at the stars, I felt the colors radiating inside me by Nadim Choufi
November 7 (workshop): Uncreative Writing Workshop by Arthur de Oliveira
November 9 (talk): Re-assigning values: panel discussion by the Assembly 2020 and Antonia Carver
November 11 (workshop) Text and Textile: I dreamt I wove a lilac sky by Zuhoor Al Sayegh
November 14 (workshop) Domestic-Driven Design by Sarah Al Adayleh
November 14 (workshop) Dabkeh for beginners by Tala Khalil
November 16 (workshop) Lost and bound by Zahra’a Nasralla

The Assembly is an annual experimental programme designed to foster creative leaders aged 18 to 24 and invite the collective design of projects responding to their generation’s areas of interest.



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